Work in situ, 2010

Work in situ, 2010

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Now we have really got into the winter months I thought I would awaken thoughts of warm summer days and evenings sitting or just wandering in the garden. With that thought in mind may I introduce you to yet another client's beautiful garden and ever increasing collection of my work. It will lift your hearts to see such care and thought applied to a very small suburban plot of land. I feel privileged that my work is seen as an integral part of her creation.

Meet Sue in her garden (do visit her blog at It is informative and full of the most beautiful images of her plants and fruit etc).

An overall view of her garden from her house with a 'ground piece' strategically placed (that means carefully).

Her favourite piece that has pride of place. It does harmonise into the environment rather well.

Her little terrace that is jam-packed with pieces of work, including a large bird bath and plants of every description.

View from the end of the garden showing a smaller bird bath on that warm summer evening perhaps nearing twilight - hence the glass of wine!

I thought I would include these lovely close ups of reflections depicting the integral qualities of water, plants and ceramics when sensitively placed in conjunctions with one another