Work in situ, 2010

Work in situ, 2010

Friday 26 June 2015

Took two pieces to Phyllis Court, Henley on Thames this morning ready for Henley Regatta and various events that take place there in the next few months. It is a private members club just outside Henley consisting of a mansion and grounds with a long river frontage overlooking the Regatta course.
This is a new venue for me so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Fortunately the weather was good for placing the pieces in situ. Henley, needless to say, was very very busy. Everyone preparing for the big event next week.
The pieces I took were two 'bird baths'. A rather eccentric one and a smaller pretty one, called Rosieblue, possibly for a courtyard setting.



Wednesday 17 June 2015

I have just had one of my ceramic pieces photographed by a professional photographer whose studio is in the centre of London (  I thought it was rather interesting to compare my rather haphazard attempt at taking a photograph of this piece in my garden and the more professional approach (to say the least).

Quite a difference I think! So if you want some excellent
pictures taken of your work you know where to go.                              

'Together' and 'Touching'.
I have for the past couple of years been experimenting with two/three pieces that directly inter-relate rather than just one single piece on its own.The dynamics are immediately very different. I have taken this idea one step further and physically joined two pieces together to see if they can actually entangle. I think this idea can be taken much further with a bit more thought.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

At long last I have been able to access my blog. It has been a long time since I published any information about myself and my work.  In fact one whole year! I have not disappeared of the scene and I have not given up ceramics.  Far from it in fact.
I have been experimenting with some new ideas. Inevitably some work and some do not. I only took the pieces out of the kiln last week but a soon as I have taken photographs of them I will put them on the blog. (All being well!)
I have already exhibited my work at AppArt in Godalming in April when the weather was good and at Birtley House in Bramley when the wind was so bad quite a few pieces of sculpture were blown over and damaged. A salutary lesson to us all.
I will be exhibiting at Loseley Park 30th June - 27th July and Wisley 22nd August -27th September.