Work in situ, 2010

Work in situ, 2010

Sunday 17 June 2012

The Bevere Gallery in Worcester is celebrating their 40th anniversary by putting on a summer show for July and August in collaboration with the Cornwall Craft Association in their gallery and gardens.
I took the three pieces that they chose for exhibition two or three weeks ago. The piece above is called 'Foliage III'. (Obviously running out of titles.)
 This piece, photographed by some large foliage, is called 'Jolie".

The Bevere Gallery truly deserves a visit. It is in a lovely, very interesting setting and it displays some excellent beautifully made ceramics.  I hope their summer exhibition goes well.

The third piece I took is called 'Foliage I'. (no comment).

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  1. Love to get there... even if you are running out of titles. Still think Jolie is absolutely stunning!