Work in situ, 2010

Work in situ, 2010

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Oh dear, the season is nearly over and I haven't even started this year's  blog. Is it because I am just so busy or is it because I forgot or just put it off?

I have done five exhibitions this year:- AppArt, Birtley House, Fircoft (a new venue for me and really nice. A large early Victorian house with lovely over-run gardens at Albury Heath. Another new venue - Kiftsgate. Again a beautiful old house with lovely gardens named after the famous Kiftsgate rose.  If it is anything like mine it is outrageous. This venue is situated on the edge of the Cotswolds escarpment. Finally Wisley accompanied with a few problems. Thieves got into the grounds at night (in fact twice) and stole some bronze sculptures.  For the metal we think because they also stole some RHS equipment. Not nice and very upsetting for the sculptors that lost work.
This year I decided to have one of my favourite pieces cast in resin.  I thought it would be less vulnerable in resin than in ceramic stoneware.  There were one or two problems with the casting but the final result was good.
Also I have been concentrating on 'Still Life'. It is a subject which I have been meaning to do for years and I was determined to make three or four this year. I am very pleased with the results as they are delicate and would sit perfectly well in a courtyard or small sitting area in a garden. I am going to make two or three more than it will be out of my system!

The nights are closing in and the Proms are nearly over.  All signs of Autumn - again.


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