Work in situ, 2010

Work in situ, 2010

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Completely lost track of time. I can't really remember when I had my first website but thought my old one looked rather formal so decided to update. New one much more jolly and I can change  the images etc., myself. Let's just hope that I remember to do so.
Anyway, thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to present some new pieces I have been designing in the last few months. I think I mentioned that I rather liked the idea of putting pieces together so they interlinked and related to each other telling a different story with each arrangement.

These rather strange rhythmic forms are reminiscent of fallen leaves or open pods. They can be placed singularly or together, on their sides or even upside down. Up to me.

These forms are like discarded husks. Quite aggressive in shape and outline.  They are a little smaller than my usual structures so I had more control over the final outcome:

Just beginning to plan this year's exhibition programme. Let's hope the weather is a little kinder. All I remember of last year was a lot of rain and very high winds. It can't be that again can it?
Oh well gardens seem to look good regardless.

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  1. Really love the "fallen leaves" pieces - and quite a new departure. Temptation....